The Most Dangerous Bill In American History

HB 1333, which is tipped as the most dangerous bill in American history, is designed to target conservatives and quash any government opposition.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office could arrest or civilly commit conservatives for uttering mainstream positions under a terrifying and illegal plan to redefine domestic terrorism that punishes speech.

His office now claims some conservative views, or anything he deems as “misinformation,” are examples of “domestic extremism.” He even wants to create a Washington version of a Ministry of Truth to fund journalists to push his political agenda.

HB 1333 would create a left-wing Domestic Violent Extremism Commission in the AG’s office. The members are asked to recommend legislative “solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation, address early signs of radicalization, and develop a public health-style response.”

But this isn’t a “public health” issue, or it would be housed in the Department of Health. It’s intended to legally penalize, or legally commit, political adversaries. The commission’s “comprehensive” report must evaluate current laws and tools to tackle what they’re calling extremism and propose new legislation where there are holes.

California has passed a bill to punish doctors for false’ Covid-19 information. The rule was contested in court by two California physicians, who claimed that it would constrain their freedom of speech.

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