The Horrors Of Transgender Surgeries

Thousands are being forced down the path of castrations, mastectomies, and a lifetime of drug addiction by the trans conveyer belt. These are the true stories of the horrors of transgender surgeries.

The Horrors Of Transgender Surgeries

Whistleblowers are stepping forth one by one to share their stories – terrible accounts of how they were harmed by medical personnel brainwashed by transgender ideology.

There was Keira Bell, the brave young woman who sued the medical profession for “transitioning” her to be a male without making her aware of the seriousness of what she was doing. There was the shocking BBC piece in which journalists questioned professionals who supported transgender ideology but were shocked by the long-term harm being done to young people.

There are now charges from yet another “de-transitioner.” According to the New York Times, Ritchie Herron endeavored to live as a “transgender woman” for a period, even undergoing “vaginoplasty surgery,” which culminated in chronic pain, trouble peeing, and a lack of sex drive. (These side effects are similar to another horrible de-transitioner testimonial reported last month.  Read it at your own risk.)

Herron now recognizes that “transitioning” was a blunder and identifies as male, his biological sex. He accuses the United Kingdom’s National Health Service of pushing him into surgery and dismissing his worries, with medics purportedly telling him that they were caused by his OCD.

“There’s like a conveyer belt system going on where they’re just trying to rush through people as quickly as possible, because the waiting list is like five years in some areas now,” Herron stated.

Herron claims he was diagnosed as a “transsexual” after two thirty-minute consultations with a psychiatrist at the Northern Gender Dysphoria Service (a branch of the NHS) in 2014, following which he was instantly given testosterone-blocking medicine, began cross-dressing, and dubbed himself “Abby.” Surgery was promptly on the table, and he was referred for it only months following his “diagnosis.”

Herron was too nervous to have surgery the first time around, but he was referred again in 2017. He declined once more, but was informed that if he did not consent to surgery, he would be dismissed from the NHS Newcastle gender clinic. Herron was afraid and trapped; he had long suffered from depression and required therapy.

He had surgery on May 23, 2018. He told the Daily Mail, “I didn’t even see the surgeon.” “I was very much in the mindset of, ‘I’m here now, there’s no stopping it, even if I wanted to.'” His penis and testicles were removed by the surgeon. When he awoke, the 35-year-old was filled with regret. “Oh, God, what have I done?”

Herron is certain that numerous individuals, including himself, have suffered irreparable harm as a result of overzealous medical professionals. He is preparing to sue the Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust because he is now incontinent and impotent.

Herron and many like him now face “a lifetime of medical care and consequences,” according to his attorney Peter Harthan, and they “cannot be put back together again.” Harthan seeks to hold the industry accountable:

My concern is clinicians failed to identify red flags and change direction. Proper consideration needs to be given to issues such as OCD, internalized homophobia, depression, drug use, sexual abuse, and childhood trauma as potential reasons for patients’ rejecting their sexed body.

The newest to speak up is Ritchie Herron. The conveyer belt of the whistleblowers, who are coming forth with stories of mutilation and wrecked lives, pleading with our society to face the truth of what we are doing, is separate from the one sending thousands down the route of castrations, mastectomies, and lifelong drug usage.

The clamor of censorship and rage emanating from transgender activists, who are witnessing their narrative crumble in real time, is becoming louder and louder as their voices converge. For men like Herron, it is too late to put them back together. For the thousands on waiting lists for the same butchery, there is still time.

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