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In India, the entire family enjoys playing indoor games such as Snake and Ladder, Carom, or Ludo. These pastimes have probably been a part of every household in India since the beginning of time. There aren’t many Indian families that don’t have at least one board game.

However, they now usually hang in a dusty corner since they have found an online replacement. There are a plethora of games available on the Internet for all kinds of users.

One enjoyable game that is loved by the majority of people is Ludo. In this section, we will learn how Ludo is played and its different versions.

How Ludo is played

Ludo is a board game for two to four players that is played on a square board with 24 squares. The object of the game is for each player to move all of their symbols throughout the board and return to their starting place on the outermost track first.

Ludo is played in India with dice and tokens. Two to four players can play. Ludo is popular in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Each user is given four pieces and must return all of them back to the house by moving them across a board with 24 spaces. The winner is the player who brings all of their pieces home first or grabs more competitor pieces than they lose throughout the game.

Ludo is available in a variety of online forms.

Different online versions of Ludo

Many Ludo online versions will differ from others, which adds to their appeal and excitement. If you prefer a speedier game, some casino provides a Ludo game where you just need to bring two of your pieces home. This shortens the game and increases your odds of winning.

You will find many other conventional games, where you must have all four pieces at home in order to win. These games may provide higher prizes and take longer to play.

Ludo King

It is among the most popular ludo game since it allows you to play ludo on a variety of platforms, including mobiles and PCs. If you don’t have somebody to play with, you may compete against the computer. Multiplayer support is supported both locally and online.

To add to the enjoyment, you may play snakes and ladders in addition to ludo. Ludo King’s favorite aspect is its offline mode, which many Bollywood celebs use on a regular basis. At any given time, you can play against up to six other people.

If you are playing Ludo for the first time, online Ludo King is a simple strategic board game that is mostly automated, with the player’s sole option being to roll a die and choose a token to advance. And once you’ve found a token you can transfer, the machine will do it for you.

Ludo Championship

Ludo Championship is an enjoyable online game where players may enjoy the original form of the game while reminiscing about their childhood. Up to four people can play this variation of Ludo.

You may pick from three different types of boards when playing this board game. The game’s fighting mode, which allows you to collect gold coins, will delight you.

The Ludo is available in both offline and online versions.

Ludo 3D Game

Ludo 3D Multiplayer is a Ludo game featuring 3D visuals, as the name suggests.

The game, like the board game, may accommodate up to four players. Ludo is more enjoyable with 3D visuals. You may play with either computer or human opponents. It also gives you the option of playing with online players or against the computer. This game has both online and offline multiplayer options.

Ludo Party

This ludo game program includes a simple user interface that allows you to play against two to four players, either friends or the computer. The melodious songs, superb 3D images, gorgeous settings, and humorous animations have made this application quite popular. You can use AI technology to play your round if you get diverted.

Ludo Club

When your partners are unavailable, Ludo Club allows you to play Ludo against computer opponents. The benefit of using this one of the best Ludo game apps is that it does not require an online connection to play. If you like, you may play the game with your pals through the internet. If you’re looking for a Ludo game that will give you the similar old thrill of playing with your buddies, this Ludo game is worth checking out.


India has been swamped by the arrival of online gaming. People nowadays have many options for enjoyment, thanks to the abundance of online games available. Indians used to prefer outdoor activities, but new online versions have provided them with a wider range of alternatives to choose from. Furthermore, these games have aided them in earning money.

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