The British Royal Family Is On The Brink Of Collapse

The report states that the British Royal Family is on the brink of collapse, and royal author Margaret Holder has supported this claim, warning that a lack of public presence could herald the demise of the institution.

The Royal Family is in danger of “abolishing itself by stealth” by spending less time engaging with the people of Britain, a shock report reveals. King Charles has been warned the monarchy is at risk of becoming “too distant” from the nation it seeks to serve after a dramatic slump in the number of public engagements.

Death, scandal and resignation are blamed for a 40 percent drop in ribbon-cutting and hand-shaking duties over the past decade, says a study by an influential think tank.

And it predicts that if missing junior royals don’t do more to support the new King the monarchy could easily “collapse”.

The stark warning comes just three weeks before the eyes of millions will be on the King and Queen Camilla for the Coronation.

The spectacular ceremony and celebrations will allow him to lead the royals into a new chapter in their long history – but the bombshell report raises concern there is much work to do.

The tally of UK-based engagements has slumped from 3,338 in 2014 to just 2,079 last year, according to analysis by Civitas.

And last night royal author Margaret Holder backed the report, warning a lack of a public presence could “herald the demise of the institution”. Queen Elizabeth II famously believed she had to be “seen to be believed”.

Fears over Royal Family on brink of collapse (Image: Getty)

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  1. Charles is going to make himself King, through his Coronation, along with Camilla as his Queen both married previously, Camilla twice before Charles apparently – I thought the King And Queen “had to be” unmarried, previously.
    So take Edward and Mrs Simpson – he abdicated the English throne so that he could be with Mrs Simpson – but did he really have to, since Charles is not?
    Somehow, I don’t see the English Royalty “Trooping The Colours” On King Charles or Queen Camilla’s birthdays, do you?
    My father, a staunch English male, long since dead, used to call Charles a chinless wonder, I can’t say I have noticed, have you?

  2. An excellent brief report. IMHO the big mistake was pushing Charles to marry Diana. Meanwhile Camilla has been discreetly silent about V.C. Parker-Bowles. My two-cents-worth is that (a) Britain needs a plan to compensate Royals on the basis of service, not the pecking order, (b) some properties need to be sold or turned into high-end money generators and (c) the Civil List needs drastic pruning.

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