Taiwan Gives Citizens War Survival Handbook In Case Of Chinese Invasion

Due to the possibility of a full-scale Chinese PLA military invasion and other natural disasters, Taiwan has given its citizens a war survival handbook.

Taiwan Gives Citizens War Survival Handbook In Case Of Chinese Invasion 1

Taiwan’s military has taken the unusual step of publishing a public emergency guidebook to prepare all citizens in the event of a Chinese invasion. The 28-page booklet contains thorough directions on where to find a bomb shelter, how to stockpile emergency supplies, and basic life-saving procedures.

Sun Li-fang, a spokesman for the defence ministry, said in an online press conference on Tuesday that “the general public can use as an emergency response guideline in a military crisis or natural disaster.”

Taiwan Gives Citizens War Survival Handbook In Case Of Chinese Invasion 2

But, of course, the only crisis or disaster on people’s minds is the possibility of a full-scale Chinese PLA military assault – anxieties that have grown since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Beijing has defended at times while refusing to label Putin’s conduct an “invasion.”

“The guide is for the public to better prepare themselves before a war or disaster happens,” according to a statement from the specific defence ministry department that created the booklet, called the “All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency.”

It was inspired by similar manuals made for citizens in Japan and Sweden, and includes information on “where to find bomb shelters via mobile phone apps and what to do in an emergency, including how to distinguish air raid sirens,” according to the AFP.

There are additional emergency preparedness instructions that include situations such as blackouts and major power outages, large fires, building collapses, and severe weather. “We hope the public can familiarise themselves where the safety shelters are beforehand,” Taiwan authorities add.

While Taipei has recently accused Beijing’s leaders of saber-rattling, the PLA Air Force maintains its weekly aircraft intrusions into the islands’ Air Defense Identification Zone, Beijing has responded by blaming Taipei for specific provocations. Last year, for example, it was disclosed and confirmed that a contingent of US Marines and special forces has long been stationed on the island, training Taiwanese forces.

The democratic island has been hosting an increasing number of US government delegations, including House Speaker Nancy Pelposi, who was scheduled to visit earlier this month but had to cancel due to a positive Covid-19 test.

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  1. Taiwan is such a beautiful country, they have done so much for their people and their land. It is pure insanity that China, a country that has plenty of work to care of what it has, would try to intrude on the peace of Taiwan. It is just a fact that war is an archaic, moronic practice. Any enlightened society knows that. The cost in lives to both sides is such a tragedy, leaving families broken. Taiwan chooses to remain an independent country. They have the right to make that choice. Any show of disrespect towards them is highly inappropriate and should be refrained from. THINK China THINK!! You are at a crossroads, either prove to the world that you are an enlightened society, or throw away your centuries of knowledge and slip back into the primitive groveling of warfare which is the practice of the ignorant. The world is watching, there are many who would love to embrace the history and wonder that is China. There are some that wish for China to become a disgrace. I hope and pray that China will choose the higher road.

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