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Junaid and Nasir were murdered on suspicion of smuggling cows, and India’s YouTube vigilante Monu Manesar is wanted for the murders as he has been part of a team of cow vigilantes along the Rajasthan-Haryana border.
Getting your hands on a YouTube video is a great way to enjoy your favorite videos, especially when you're offline. However, if you have an older mobile device, or a laptop that doesn't support high-resolution videos, downloading isn't the easiest process. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that will help you get your hands on your favorite YouTube video without having to sacrifice quality.
During a recent trip to Dubai, plainclothes police detained Sherif Osman. He is still in custody. The ex American air force captain was arrested in Dubai for posting a youtube video.
In a Youtube video highlighting scientific breakthroughs, Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni science communicator and video producer known for his infographics and videos highlighting scientific breakthroughs, proposed the concept of a flying nuclear powered sky hotel.
A Youtuber called Coffeezilla has investigated in a video if Justin Sun’s USDD is another Ponzi scheme and whether it will follow Luna's collapse last month after it depegged.
YouTube has been fined 100,000 euros by the German Higher Regional Court at Dresden after it wrongly deleted a user's video which showed massive pandemic lockdown protests in Switzerland - and then failed to reinstate the video 'immediately' after the court ordered it to do so on April 20.
A sinister and dark trend known as “trash streaming” has emerged where viewers pay to watch torture, humiliation and death live on YouTube. Video content creators broadcast their bizarre or dangerous videos live via smartphone or laptop.
The mainstream media has totally blacked out the crucial story about the recents leaks by hacktivist Anonymous that exposed the British government's massive campaign to infiltrate civil society at every level where they recruited Comedians and Youtubers for secret psyops campaign targeting NATO members.