Meet Janardhan, A 29-Year-Old Auto-Driver From Bengaluru Whose Youtube Channel On Finance Went Viral

After a recent post on Twitter, the YouTube channel ‘Gold Janardhan Investor’ on finance, belonging to Janardhan, a 29-year-old auto driver from Bengaluru, has gone viral.

There are times when most of us don’t hold back while complaining about how exhausting our work is. Maintaining a balance between our personal lives, hobbies and looming deadlines becomes a task because we are too tired to wake up every morning with the same enthusiasm to do something different.

But we are sure that you have come across several examples of people who have aced the concept of hustling. No, we are not asking you to work day and night until you reach the point of burnout. Instead, we are giving you an example of an Uber auto driver from Bengaluru, who will definitely inspire you to get going.

Janardhan drives an auto and runs a Youtube channel on personal finance. The Bengaluru man went viral after one of his passengers took a photo of his auto and shared it on Twitter. The photo included in the tweet shows a placard placed inside the auto that reads, “Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Gold Janardhan investor. Please subscribe and support.”

TerraPay, a London-based mobile payments provider, has revealed that India was the top recipient of money from overseas in 2022 with $100 billion.

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