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The Biden administration is attempting to keep up the pressure on sanctions while preventing a global economic catastrophe. Bloomberg has revealed that the White House is privately asking US banks to work with Russia.
According to some articles, the White House's national-security adviser Jake Sullivan has held secret talks with Putin aide Yuri Ushakov to avert a US-Russian war.
The White House released a framework for CBDC development and stringent management of the environment in response to U.S. President Biden's executive order. This is the first time the White House has released its comprehensive crypto regulatory framework.
The White House is set to hold the first hunger conference in 50 years. This incident arises while food budgets in the United States are being squeezed by inflation.
The National Academy of Sciences, which is a key science body, has sanctioned a White House climate official, Jane Lubchenco, who serves as the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's deputy director for climate and the environment.
Renowned TikTok influencer Greene and several others says White House is using TikTok stars as pawns to achieve their goals in Ukraine.
New information suggests former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt is paying the salaries of several White House officials.
The narrative that the Biden administration is pushing is that they have "launched a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights." But what it potentially could be is a $2.6 billion "gender equality" request that might fund abortions in foreign countries including India.
Former national security advisor John Bolton stated a coworker encountered disorientation, ringing in his ears, and an inability to speak or think clearly. He is one among many US national security officials targeted with mysterious electromagnetic weapon who experienced unexplainable neurological symptoms in and around the White House.
Last Friday, a reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki to respond to the Johns Hopkins covid study showing lockdowns provided no real benefit in terms of disease prevention.