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The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House is set to approve depleted uranium munitions for Ukraine. The Biden administration is set to transfer depleted uranium shells to Ukraine for the first time since the Russian...
Hunter Biden's clash with the White House has emerged after he hired prominent lawyer Abbe Lowell in December without involving the president's top aides. Top aides to President Biden have clashed with Hunter Biden's team over...
According to reports, Hunter Biden might be hiding at the White House to avoid legal papers from stripper mama Lunden Roberts.
The Pentagon Leaker has been discovered to be a young, charismatic gun enthusiast who shared highly classified documents with a group of far-flung acquaintances, seeking companionship amid the isolation of the pandemic called OG.
The White House visitor records show that Alexander Soros, son of George Soros, had easy access to the White House and he boasted about his relationships with world leaders on social media.
A blog post was co-written by national security adviser Jake Sullivan, director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese, director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy Arati Prabhakar, and chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Cecilia Rouse on the official White House website targets cryptocurrencies and calls for stronger enforcement by regulators.
In his Mar. 21 testimony before the committee, former White House aide Nick Luna said that he saw Trump tearing documents.
Republican lawmakers who are looking into the lab-leak origin scenario want to learn more about whether NIAID or Fauci were involved in the allocation of funding to EcoHealth. But, White House panicked as reporters asked Fauci about COVID origins.
August saw the dissolution of the Disinformation Governance Board after Jankowicz filed her resignation in May. Now, the former White House disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz is registering as a foreign agent.
The Biden administration is attempting to keep up the pressure on sanctions while preventing a global economic catastrophe. Bloomberg has revealed that the White House is privately asking US banks to work with Russia.