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According to images shared on social media on Thursday, Putin has installed missile systems on Moscow rooftops.
This year, at least ten wealthy Russian oligarchs and Putin detractors have died under questionable circumstances. The latest to the list seems to be Russia’s top rocket scientist who died mysteriously.
According to TASS, Lavrov said that he received reports from anonymous officials stating that the Pentagon is threatening to assassinate Putin.
Even though an end to the conflict appears distant, Ukraine's forces aim to rotate this winter, when violence is expected to slow. Ukraine has launched a new psychological op to defeat Putin.
Russian troops were allotted just 13 hours to leave Belarus and seize Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, but 10 months on from Vladimir Putin's original war plans, optimism may no longer be so high. Putin wanted to crush Ukraine in 13 hours, according to leaked invasion plan.
Is Putin Facing A Coup

Is Putin Facing A Coup?

Putin is under pressure in Moscow as a result of the Russian army's ongoing struggles in Ukraine, which have spurred new claims that former allies within the Kremlin are trying to topple him. Is Putin really facing a coup?
The morning of October 8, the day after Putin turned 70, saw the bombing of the bridge, but Ukraine never admitted involvement. Now, Putin is driving across the Crimea bridge in a Mercedes.
An email addressed to Vladimir Osechkin leaked FSB spy documents that claimed that Putin planned to invade Japan over the island dispute.
In the final days of this lame-duck Congress, before control of the House passes to Republicans in January, Democrats are expected to approve Joe Biden’s request for another $38 billion for the Kyiv regime, its army and its war. Passage of this legislation would virtually guarantee that the U.S. continues to finance this war and extend the fighting until spring.
One of the major events in the energy industry, which has recently grown much more important on the European continent and around the world than the financial and military sectors put together, is being held in Moscow this week. It is known as " Russian Energy Week " The schedule is customarily jam-packed with conferences, talks, and meetings at the highest and ministerial levels, but it is unlikely to be untrue to suggest that Vladimir Putin, who customarily addresses the attendees with a welcome speech, set the major leitmotif and vector of REW. This particular statement proved to be particularly strict, precise, and unforgiving of ambiguous interpretation.