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Defense Ministry lifts ban on Swiss Pilatus

Defense Ministry Lifts Ban On Swiss Pilatus

After suspending the Switzerland based firm for a year for major defense scandal just months ago, the Defense Ministry now lifts partial ban on Swiss Pilatus. Top IAF officials are believed to be under scanner for this aircraft deal. The new development come days after field-test failed Israeli Spike missiles

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Ukraine India Antonov Aircraft Scandal

The Ukraine India Antonov Aircraft Scandal

The Ukraine India Antonov Aircraft scandal is a controversy surrounding the mysterious landing of the aircraft in Jaipur enroute from Karachi. Further, there have been a spate of crashes of Antonov AN-32 aircraft in the past 2 years which have led to the deaths of 55 brave personnel of our

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Failed Israeli Spike Missiles inducted into Indian Army

Failed Israeli Spike Missiles Inducted Into Indian Army

In 2017, the $500 million Spike anti-tank missile deal was canceled so that we can develop our own indigenous defence technology. The deal however was ‘back on table’ after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India. But the deal was delayed after the missile failed to perform in high

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Round Tripping

Round Tripping Black Money As FDI -India’s Biggest Scam

One of the leading puzzles related to cross border flow of investment is the phenomenon of ‘Round Tripping’. Here, money from a country (eg. India) flows to a foreign country (Mauritius) and comes back as foreign direct investment to India. We were told that demonetization would combat the black economy

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FDI Series – Part I Foreign Countries Dictating India

A bizarre Saga of bankrupt western economies and their multinational business houses’ incredulous and laughable economic plan to Develop Indian Retail sector at the expense of their economics with non existing FDI from their phony FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) Operation Mountbatten – Reoccupation of Whole of India in 60 years

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