Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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According to data from UNHCR, as of mid-2023, there are 36.5 million refugees worldwide. Countries like Iran and Turkey host the most refugees due to their proximity to conflict zones. Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and South Sudan have...
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that attacks on Gaza amounted to a "massacre" and threatened to declare war on Israel. In an ardent address at a pro-Palestine protest...
The currency Lira has plunged after President of Turkey Erdogan appointed Hafize Gaye Erkan, the co-CEO of the failed First Republic Bank, as the new Central Bank Governor. Turkish President Erdogan, fresh from his...
The probability of large earthquakes is considerably increased in Turkey when several of Earth's plates converge and move, as is visualized below.
Bloomberg reported that during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, Putin explained how Russia and Turkey will bypass the dollar by announcing that part of the cost of Russian gas exports to Turkey will be paid in rubles.
Purnima Anand, the chair of the Forum, said that at the 14th BRICS summit they discussed the possibility of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey joining BRICS very soon.
Israeli officials are preparing for an Iranian retaliation attack ahead of time. Recently, Israel issued an unusual alert to all citizens to evacuate Istanbul immediately, citing Iranian revenge plot.
The MV Ince Akdeniz, which carried a consignment of 1.5 million tons of wheat and hailed from India, was rejected by Turkey after the detection of Rubella disease.
Media outlets announced in March that a Turkey-Israel gas pipeline was being planned behind closed doors as one of Europe's alternatives to Russian energy. Europe essentially wants to replace Russia with Israel for natural gas needs.
In a cross-border ground assault supported by artillery, aircraft, helicopters, and drones, Turkey has launched an invasion of Iraq in order to take out the insurgent group in the northern part.