Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tag: Tax

Newly discovered whistleblower documents reveal the CIA's intervention in blocking federal agents from probing Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris as a key witness in Hunter Biden's tax investigation, raising concerns over preferential treatment.
The US Central Command has announced that it will be providing aid in the form of the Gaza Pier constructed with American taxpayers' $350 million, and its pictures are now available.
According to the "delinquency notice" sent by California's attorney general, Prince Harry and Meghan’s charity, The Archewell Foundation, could face suspension due to late tax returns. The Archewell Foundation...
According to the Washington Post, EV charging stations cost US taxpayers $1 billion. However, after two years, only seven chargers and a meager 38 parking spaces have been built out of the allocated $7.5 billion.
Pew Research reveals the top tax system frustrations among Americans, with most citing that the wealthy and corporations don't pay their "fair share." Pallavi Rao of Visual Capitalist...
WalletHub's data-driven map visualizes the tax burden across all US states in March 2024, showing that New York has the highest tax burden while Alaska has the lowest, with detailed breakdowns.
IMF chief Gavin Gray told NV Business on Monday that Ukraine needs to collect more taxes since Ukraine will require additional tax revenue to pay for its increased social expenditures after the war ends.
According to the German-registered nonprofit "Transparency International," money from US taxpayers is being used to fund a designer knitwear company in Ukraine. According to a US investigation, American taxpayers'...
A recent ranking conducted by personal finance advisor SmartAsset has determined the cheapest and most expensive cities to live in among 76 US cities. The ranking found that in certain cities, an annual salary of $300,000 would be reduced to $100,000 after taxes.