Pictures Of Gaza Pier Constructed With American Taxpayers’ $350 Million

The US Central Command has announced that it will be providing aid in the form of the Gaza Pier constructed with American taxpayers’ $350 million, and its pictures are now available.

Pictures Of Gaza Pier Constructed With American Taxpayers' $350 Million 1

The Biden administration and the Pentagon both exude pride. However, the American taxpayer?…

US Central Command declared on Friday that “today we began delivery of aid from the temporary pier onto the beach of Gaza for further distribution to the people by our partners.” “This unique logistics capability facilitates the delivery of lifesaving humanitarian aid enabling a shared service for the international community to use to serve the people of Gaza.” Here are a few of the initial overhead photos taken when it was finished.

Pictures Of Gaza Pier Constructed With American Taxpayers' $350 Million 2

We are informed that it is “unique” and only costs roughly $350 million.

However, detractors have drawn attention to the bleak irony and inconsistencies that exist when the Biden administration openly condemns how Israel’s military is waging war in Gaza (particularly the high number of civilian casualties), while at the same time receiving billions of dollars in funding from Washington.

To carry out the war, the US is sponsoring both dangerous projects (such as building a dock to deliver humanitarian aid) and weaponry that pose a significant risk of attack by Hamas against US forces.

To put it briefly, the US taxpayer bears the financial burden of both the bombs and the humanitarian relief, despite the fact that both sides appear to have given up on negotiating a political settlement or a truce.

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute has written, “Reminder to American taxpayers: This floating pier cost you $350 million (and counting), while using existing roads for aid delivery remain the most practical solution.”

He wrote, “The question is…why?”

US progressives, on the other hand, have protested that the Democratic administration actively supports war crimes. Before he meets Donald Trump in November, Biden is rapidly losing a significant portion of his support base.

For instance, The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill states, “The fact that the US is establishing a pier off the Gaza coast because the genocidal Israeli government, which the US funds, arms, politically bolsters & shields from international & US law, won’t allow aid into Gaza by land is a damning statement about the Biden administration.”

Pictures Of Gaza Pier Constructed With American Taxpayers' $350 Million 3

Meanwhile, America’s roads, bridges, borders, energy infrastructure, etc. are still in disrepair. And once more, this is happening as we construct intricate loading zones and docks in hotspots for international conflicts.

According to a recent article reported by GreatGameIndia, Pew Research reveals the top tax system frustrations among Americans, with most citing that the wealthy and corporations don’t pay their “fair share.”

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  1. And this America-financed pier will be where the Nazi Genocide
    of the Palestinians ends, with millions of people being deported
    to Nazi America and Nazi EU!
    Once again, the Americans pay for the Nazi Apartheid Regime’s
    Satanic filth!

  2. I take it the United States no longer owns any LSTs (Landing Ship Tank) or LSMs (Landing Ship Men) other than the ones in use as ferries.

  3. 350 million dollars ! No way , no way in a competitive pricing environment . Contractors would built such a temporary dock , and it is only temporary floating dock for no more than 10 million dollars + a war territory bonus of 10 millon dollars . It could have been built for 20 million dollars . Only the MIC can charge over 17 times what it should have cost , smoke and mirrors !!

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