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According to an indictment made public by lawmakers on Monday, the Taiwan High Court Prosecutors Office stated that the Chinese plotted to steal a US Chinook helicopter through a pilot now known by his surname Hsieh.
A mysterious Chinese malware has hit systems on Guam, which Microsoft said was installed by a Chinese government hacking group called Volt Typhoon. There are speculations that Taiwan may be the real target of these cyberattacks.
Taiwan's semi-official Central News Agency reported on Monday that the U.S. now has 200 military advisors in Taiwan.
A top Chinese lawmaker and adviser, National People’s Congress deputy Li Yihu, announced this week that Beijing fast-tracks Taiwan reunification plans.
Another official claimed that on average, one balloon flies above Taiwan each month, but that is just one of the army of spy balloons that China has launched around the world.
A powerful earthquake has shook Taiwan as buildings and bridges collapsed. The US Geological Survey first estimated a magnitude of 7.2, but amended it to 6.9, which is still greater than the CWB assessment.
Apple's latest approach has already drawn criticism because the business does not support suppliers that see Taiwan as an independent nation. The outrage was in reaction to Apple's demands that Taiwan suppliers use the 'Made in China' labels.
China has already been accused by Taiwan of violating its territorial waters with the drills that began as soon as Pelosi touched down in Taipei the previous evening. The latest outlandish claim was made by Nancy Pelosi saying that China made a big fuss over Taiwan visit because I am a woman.
The relationship between Beijing and Washington will surely reach a new low as a result of Pelosi's journey to Taiwan. Here's how China may avenge Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.
This is a continuation of my post from yesterday about a massive 13% decline in births in Germany. Such a decline is a nine-sigma event, meaning that it is so unlikely to occur by chance, that it would naturally happen as rarely as an asteroid striking the Earth.