Beijing Fast-Tracks Taiwan Reunification Plans

A top Chinese lawmaker and adviser, National People’s Congress deputy Li Yihu, announced this week that Beijing fast-tracks Taiwan reunification plans.

Increased military interactions with the US, including ramped-up American naval sail-throughs and flyovers of the contested Taiwan Strait, appear to have hastened Beijing’s timeline for Taiwan “reunification”. 

A top Chinese lawmaker and adviser, National People’s Congress deputy Li Yihu, announced this week, “The [Communist] Party’s overall strategy for resolving the Taiwan issue in the new era has basically taken shape, and the strategic goals and focus of the future reunification cause have also become very clear.”

He specified the process will be sped up, saying ahead of the annual National People’s Congress meeting on March 5 that “The mainland will promote national reunification on a fast development track.”

Notably, this also comes after then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ultra-provocative visit to the self-ruled island in August, and further after the Biden administration has announced multiple weapons packages. Current Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is also said to be planning a Taiwan visit in the near future.

The regime has conducted illegal data gathering on U.S. defense strategies and sowed discord among American citizens through cyberattacks and disinformation efforts, which is just one of China’s several spy campaigns against America.

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