Saturday, May 25, 2024

Tag: Spike Protein

On his DarkHorse podcast on June 21, 2021, evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein said that Spike Protein is the Swiss Army Knife of Death, while sitting down with mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone and Silicon Valley inventor turned COVID investigator Steve Kirsch.
Far and away the most common question I get from those who took one of the COVID-19 vaccines is: “how do I get this out of my body.” The mRNA and adenoviral DNA products were rolled out with no idea on how or when the body would ever breakdown the genetic code. The synthetic mRNA carried on lipid nanoparticles appears to be resistant to breakdown by human ribonucleases by design so the product would be long-lasting and produce the protein product of interest for a considerable time period. This would be an advantage for a normal human protein being replaced in a rare genetic deficiency state (e.g. alpha galactosidase in Fabry’s disease). However, it is a big problem when the protein is the pathogenic SARS-CoV-2 Spike. The adenoviral DNA (Janssen) should broken down by deoxyribonuclease, however this has not be exhaustively studied.
Numerous studies conducted on COVID-19 and its vaccinations have revealed that spike protein from vaccines is contributing to autoimmune diseases.