Wanted: Spies, No Remote Work, And Must Leave Cell Phone At Home

Germany’s foreign intelligence service, BND, is hiring spies. The job does not offer remote work, and applicants must leave their cell phones at home. Intelligence services are finding it harder to recruit staff since the pandemic as prospects want to work from home and would rather not part with their

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CIA Is Using Youtube To Recruit Russian Spies

The CIA uploaded a short video in Russian on YouTube and the Telegram messaging app, using them as platforms to recruit Russian spies. After the US Central Intelligence Agency published a video encouraging Russians to make contact via a secure internet channel, the Kremlin said on Tuesday that its agencies

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Ramparts Scandal - CIA Spies at Indian Universities

Ramparts Scandal – CIA Spies At Indian Universities

In February 1967, senior officials from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were horrified when the American west-coast magazine, Ramparts, exposed the US intelligence organisation’s longstanding financial relationships with a number of international educational and cultural bodies. In a series of damning articles, reproduced in The New York Times and The

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RAW Agents caught by German Intelligence

RAW Agents Caught By German Intelligence

Two spies of India’s external intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) have been caught by German Intelligence and charged with espionage. The Indian couple are said to have collected information about the supporters of Khalistan movement and Kashmir conflict for Indian intelligence for several years. The trial of two

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Is SIMI Infiltrated By Foreign Spies?

In 2012, an Israeli Chabad couple suspected to be working for Mossad were expelled from India for spying. The duo, suspected of Mossad membership, was seen as suspicious for holding late-night meetings and renting a house at far above market value. The married couple were suspected of being Israeli agents

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