Iran Arrests Two French Spies For Inciting Anti Government Riots

Iran have previously arrested two French spies for inciting anti government riots. On May 7, 2022, Cécile Kohler and Jacqeus Paris were detained in Iran on suspicion of espionage.

Iran Arrests Two French Spies For Inciting Anti Government Riots

Two French agents who were detained in Iran about four months ago acknowledged to trying to incite riots and anti-government demonstrations in order to intensify pressure on the nation’s Islamic establishment, reports PressTV.

The two French nationals, Cécile Kohler, 37, and Jacqeus Paris, 69, went to Iran as tourists on April 28 but turned out to be spies for Western intelligence organizations.

Kohler acknowledged to being an operative of the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), which is akin to the British MI6 and the American CIA, in a video shown on Iran’s Arabic-language television news network al-Alam TV on Thursday.

According to Kohler in the audio, she and her companion were in Iran primarily to establish the foundation for widespread unrest in an effort to start “a revolution” in the Islamic Republic and topple the Iranian regime.

She added that they brought in significant quantities of money to finance strikes and riots and to buy weapons in an effort to cause mayhem.

Iran Arrests Two French Spies For Inciting Anti Government Riots 2

Kohler went on to say that the firearms were intended to be utilized “to fight against the police” if necessary.

The DGSE’s goal, according to the second agent who was visible in the footage, was to “put pressure on the Iranian government.”

The two French operatives were detained in Iran, according to an announcement made by the country’s intelligence ministry in May, for attempting to incite societal unrest and mayhem amid teacher protests.

According to the government, when some teachers resorted to the streets in peaceful rallies to seek fair wages and better working conditions, the duo attempted to sow discord and social disturbance.

Photos indicate that the two had connections to teachers’ unionists like Rasoul Bodaghi.

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