Tag: Social Credit System

Even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made much of her travel to Asia this week, she seemed to deliberately exclude mentions of China or Taiwan. Meanwhile, Pelosi linked lobbyists are pushing for China’s social credit system on American citizens.
The social credit score has yet another unflattering facet - new dystopian law that would give all social media users a ‘truth score.’
British PM candidate Rishi Sunak’s family company has been revealed to pushing digital ID and social credit scores for the WEF. Sunak has a reputation for having a soft spot for China.
A protest which was planned by several citizens against the freezing of funds by banks was thwarted by China by changing people’s electronic health codes from green to red, which made it illegal for them to travel.
According to Kara Frederick, a former Facebook intel analyst and a research associate at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Big Tech corporations seem to be doing the government's bidding in creating a China like Social Credit System u  US, and Americans must notice this and act quickly.