New Dystopian Law Would Give All Social Media Users A ‘Truth Score’

The social credit score has yet another unflattering facet – new dystopian law that would give all social media users a ‘truth score.’

New Dystopian Law Would Give All Social Media Users A Truth Score

An amendment to a bill in the UK would require that all social media users be issued a “truth score” that predetermines the veracity of their posts, which is another example of the burdensome “social credit score” system.

The proposal, which would restrict “legal but harmful” content, was put out as an addition to the already abhorrent “Online Safety Bill” by Conservative Party politician John Penrose.

“Like something out of dystopian fiction, Penrose, the MP for Weston-super-Mare, has proposed that the government forces online platforms to maintain a score of how truthful a person is, determined by their past statements,” writes Dan Frieth.

According to the amendment, all users who “produced user-generated content,” published news, or just wrote “comments” or “reviews” ought to be evaluated by the relevant platform and assigned a rating indicating their “historic factual accuracy.”

Anyone who reaches a predetermined number of online views—which will be established by the UK communications regulator OFCOM—will be subject to the guidelines.

Thus, the user’s posts would be “displayed in a way which allows any user easily to reach an informed view of the likely factual accuracy of the content at the same time as they encounter it.”

In other terms, the new rule would allow far-left social media companies to assign “misinformation” ratings to the accounts of right-leaning individuals under threat of government fines, with the possibility that such unfavorable labeling would then have an influence on algorithmic performance.

This would essentially amount to an extension of the biased “fact checks” and “misinformation” tags that are already attached to certain posts.

In a similar development, several prominent Conservatives, including Lord Frost, have expressed concern that the Online Safety Bill may result in blatant repression of political viewpoints.

“The ratcheting effect on our civil liberties is already happening in real time,” claims a letter addressed to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries. “The Labour Party has expressed its intention to expand the regulatory framework to include ‘health-related misinformation and disinformation’.”

“This could lead to the state designating social media companies as the arbiter of truth online and presents serious problems for freedom of speech,” the letter warns.

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  1. Chairman Zuckerberg has already recruited “fact-checkers” from the PRC’s public-information department. If you’ve studied even China long enough, you know the so-called “facts” can turn on a dime. For Britain this is the “emperor has no clothes” moment.

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