The Palestinian Question

The Middle East is facing unprecedented risks for the security, well-being and peaceful life of its peoples. The waves of violence surge far beyond the area of the Arab-Israeli conflict destabilising the situation in the Persian Gulf, Red and Mediterranean Seas, and in North Africa. We need a frank and honest conversation about how to

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UniCredit Takes Central Bankers To Court For Russia Sanctions

UniCredit and Raiffeisenbank are the first banks to take a stand against European Central Bank sanctions on Russia by appealing to the European Court of Justice. Based in Milan, UniCredit argues that the ECB’s demands go beyond its authority and has asked to freeze these requirements. The sanctions put banks

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How US, Canada and Finland Plan to Counter Russia with Icebreakers

The United States, Canada, and Finland are teaming up to strengthen their icebreaker fleets to enhance their Arctic defenses against growing Russian activity, as announced at a recent NATO summit. This new pact includes sharing knowledge on icebreaker production and training workers across the three countries, while encouraging allies to

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We're No One's Proxy - Serbia Tells NATO 1

We’re No One’s Proxy – Serbia Tells NATO

Former US and NATO general Wesley Clark recently accused Serbia of being a puppet for Russia and said President Vucic wanted to expand Serbia’s borders. President Vucic fired back: “To Mr. Clark and everyone else, it’s obvious Serbia isn’t anyone’s puppet—not Russia’s, not America’s, and never will be.” Vucic also

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Putin And Erdogan Plot Syria's Political Shift 1

Putin And Erdogan Plot Syria’s Political Shift

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Kazakhstan, Presidents Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey hinted at a potential reconciliation with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, after years of conflict. Once allies turned adversaries since Syria’s civil war began in 2011, Erdogan’s shift in stance aims to stabilize Turkey’s northern Syrian

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Secret Plot To Overthrow Ukrainian Government Foiled 1

Secret Plot To Overthrow Ukrainian Government Foiled

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has thwarted a dramatic plot to incite chaos and seize the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, right after Constitution Day. Led by a known anti-Ukrainian activist, the conspirators disguised their intentions with a seemingly peaceful assembly in Kyiv. Their real plan was to overthrow the

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