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According to Reuters, Russia has no immediate plans to repair or reactivate the Nord Stream pipelines and instead plans to seal them up.
In an address on state TV channel Russia 1, Putin said that the Ukraine war poses an existential threat to the survival of the Russian people.
According to the Russian news Telegram channel Mash, Marina Yankina committed suicide by jumping off Zamshina Street, where she lived, but the Putin War Official might have been assassinated.
Data from Electricity Maps and the IEA has been used to map Europe's biggest sources of electricity by country.
In a recent tweet, the US Space Force said that a secret Russian satellite shot down in orbit and released a dangerous cloud of debris into Earth's atmosphere.
According to a claim by the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance, Russia is mobilizing drug addicts to fight in order to reach its quota.
There are around 50,000 Wagner Group fighters currently deployed to Ukraine. The US has designated the Wagner group as a "transnational criminal organization" while citing ties with North Korea.
According to The Moscow Times, a Russian firm called Fores is offering $71,000 in cash as a bounty for the destruction or capture of Western tanks, which according to the firm is driven by a patriotic desire to support the national army.
Two new operations have revved up Israel’s shadow war on Iran; striking at its nuclear/ballistic program as well as smashing its corridor through Iraq for arming proxy Shiite militias in Syria.
According to reports, the Central Bank of Iran and the Russian government are working together to issue a new stablecoin that is backed by gold to be used in overseas trade.