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How Did Cleopatra Die

We might never know for sure how Cleopatra died, as the majority of the story is still a mystery. Cleopatra VII, the Egyptian pharaoh, barricaded herself within a tomb she had constructed on the grounds of her Alexandrian palace on an August day in 30 B.C. The Queen of the

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Ancient Underwater Temple Found Off Coast Of Naples – Report

According to a report by Ancient Origins, an ancient underwater temple dedicated to the god Dushara has been found off the coast of Naples. It is believed to date back to a time when Nabataean people lived in the Phlegrean Peninsula. Archaeologists from two universities in Naples, Italy found the

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The Helots Of India – Between Slavery & Freedom

This excerpt from The Hunt For The Treasure Of Vijayanagara Empire details the tragic situation of the tribals in India akin to the Helots – a derogatory term used by the Romans to indicate non-Romans in their country, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens. Liberalization and Privatization were the tools of

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