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Due to the decline in the population, China is encouraging citizens to have as many babies as they want, even if they are unmarried, and the city of Wenzhou is planning to offer new parents around $400 in subsidies per child.
According to Pew Research Center data, the fertility rates in India have fallen across all religious groups, with the difference between Hindu and Muslim birth rates shrinking, going from a third to a quarter more births among the latter demographic.
Data from the UN's December 2022 population estimates, along with summaries from the French Institute for Demographic Studies, has helped in visualising the changing world population by country below.
According to data from Eurostat, due to the ageing population, the European Union's dependency ratio will reach 57 by the year 2100, which will impact taxes in the future.
A new study released in the Lancet says that the world should be fearing a population collapse and not overpopulation in the next century.