Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tag: Nord Stream

The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its name—down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border. The center’s complex is as nondescript as its location—a drab concrete post-World War II structure that has the look of a vocational high school on the west side of Chicago. A coin-operated laundromat and a dance school are across what is now a four-lane road.
The Swedish Armed Forces have been investigating the scene for the entire past week and have confirmed that powerful blasts were to blame for the extensive damage to the Nord Stream pipelines. This confirms the terrorist attack and now Russia is accusing the British Navy of carrying it out.
An underwater drone operated by the Norwegian company Blueye Robotics captured the first images of the blown-up Nord Stream pipelines, revealing 50 metres of missing pipeline. 
One of the major events in the energy industry, which has recently grown much more important on the European continent and around the world than the financial and military sectors put together, is being held in Moscow this week. It is known as " Russian Energy Week " The schedule is customarily jam-packed with conferences, talks, and meetings at the highest and ministerial levels, but it is unlikely to be untrue to suggest that Vladimir Putin, who customarily addresses the attendees with a welcome speech, set the major leitmotif and vector of REW. This particular statement proved to be particularly strict, precise, and unforgiving of ambiguous interpretation.
The state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn said that days after the Nord Stream pipeline attack, the German rail network was sabotaged, resulting in all long-distance trains coming to a total standstill in northern Germany.
Swedish investigators have found evidence of ‘serious sabotage’ of Nord Stream pipelines. The explosions have not been attributed to any nation-state or organization. Furthermore, no nation has been charged by the United States with committing an act of sabotage.
The War of Economic Corridors has entered incandescent, uncharted territory: Pipeline Terror.
The CIA forewarned Germany of prospective assaults on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea weeks before Nord Stream 1 and 2 were struck. Furthermore, a former Pentagon advisor has said that the US likely attacked Nord Stream pipelines in order to isolate Germany.
The president asserted that sanctioning Russia was no longer sufficient for "Anglo-Saxons." He further added that the Anglo Saxons went ahead and sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines.
According to SPIEGEL information, high explosive devices equivalent to 500 kilogrammes of TNT were used to destroy Nord Stream.