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According to a peer-reviewed study published in Nature Communications, the Moderna vaccine increases myocarditis risk in young adults by 44 times.
A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has been filed against the FDA over hiding records from the approval of a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine named Spikevax by Defending the Republic.
At the World Economic Forum, Moderna's CEO said they are forced to throw away 30 million vaccines in the garbage because nobody wants them and that they have a big demand problem.
Participants in Moderna’s clinical trials for its mRNA booster Covid shots keep dying.
Last year, Japanese officials ordered Moderna to recall multiple batches of its COVID-19 vaccinations after an examination discovered stainless steel contamination in certain vials. Again, now Moderna recalls 764,900 COVID-19 vaccine doses after a contamination was found.
Only around 400 million of the over 700 million medicines sent to Africa have been used, having left hundreds of millions on the shelf to decompose. As such a climate prevails, Africa has refused to buy more vaccines from Moderna.
Moderna has been accused of seven counts of patent infringement by the two corporations who claimed that they used hijacked technology for the production of COVID vaccines. The lawsuit filed against them, if proven to be true, could land the company in hot water.
After the Omicron variant managed to hit the headlines, the CEOs and major shareholders of the Pfizer and Moderna saw a profit of a combined $10.31 billion, as per data compiled by the UK-based Global Justice Now.
As I write this, I’m finishing A Shot to Save the World, the new book about the hunt for a Covid vaccine. Which - surprisingly - I don’t hate. Written by Gregory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal, the book is a serious look at the decades of scientific work that helped produce the mRNA and DNA/AAV Covid vaccines. Even better, it contains this line about Stephane Bancel, Moderna’s chief executive, from Derrick Rossi: “He was asking me to steal from a hospital that treats children. Stephane is someone without a moral compass.”
After Finland, Sweden and Denmark now Iceland bans Moderna’s COVID vaccine for all ages over heart inflammation concerns.