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The other week, eligibility was broadened from over-12s to over-5s, with American health officials stating that they, too, should receive vaccinations. However, according to the Moderna CEO, most people under 60 don’t need a booster.
A study has found that the Moderna jabs increases the likelihood of COVID infection over time. The study by Moderna backs up recent findings on the higher chances of COVID infection among vaccine recipients.
The CDC has released a draught agenda that says that they will soon vote on granting Pfizer and Moderna permanent legal immunity through the child COVID shot schedule.
In a recent interview with Sky News, the CEO, Stephane Bancel, disclosed that Moderna is planning a new mRNA vaccine to repair heart muscles after a heart attack.
The U.S. FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in December 2020. A week later, authorities approved Moderna's vaccine's emergency use. Now, Moderna is suing Pfizer for stealing the mRNA technology.
According to a peer-reviewed study published in Nature Communications, the Moderna vaccine increases myocarditis risk in young adults by 44 times.
A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has been filed against the FDA over hiding records from the approval of a Moderna COVID-19 vaccine named Spikevax by Defending the Republic.
At the World Economic Forum, Moderna's CEO said they are forced to throw away 30 million vaccines in the garbage because nobody wants them and that they have a big demand problem.
Participants in Moderna’s clinical trials for its mRNA booster Covid shots keep dying.
Last year, Japanese officials ordered Moderna to recall multiple batches of its COVID-19 vaccinations after an examination discovered stainless steel contamination in certain vials. Again, now Moderna recalls 764,900 COVID-19 vaccine doses after a contamination was found.