Moderna’s Stock Soars As US Government Pours Millions Into Secret Bird Flu Vaccine Trials

Moderna’s stock surges as the US government invests millions in covert bird flu vaccine trials, amid concerns over H5N1’s spread and potential human-to-human transmission ahead of the presidential elections.

Moderna's Stock Soars As US Government Pours Millions Into Secret Bird Flu Vaccine Trials 1

In the New York premarket trading session, Moderna’s shares have increased by nearly 4% in response to a Financial Times report stating that the US government is getting ready to “bankroll a late-stage trial of Moderna’s mRNA pandemic bird flu vaccine.” Ahead of the presidential elections in November, H5N1 is becoming more widespread in the US, and some well-known medical professionals have already issued a warning regarding university labs testing H5N1 gain-of-function.

Moderna's Stock Soars As US Government Pours Millions Into Secret Bird Flu Vaccine Trials 2

Over the previous few months, news about bird flu has caused shares to spike higher.

Moderna's Stock Soars As US Government Pours Millions Into Secret Bird Flu Vaccine Trials 3

Federal money could be awarded to the pharmaceutical company as early as next month, according to sources familiar with the discussions between Moderna and the government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, or Barda.

“It is expected to total several tens of millions of dollars, and could be accompanied by a commitment to procure doses if the phase-three trials are successful,” they said.

In the past, Moderna has stated that it was testing H5N1 flu shots, with preliminary results anticipated shortly.

Moderna is currently testing an H5N1 vaccine, from the subset of viruses, in people. That trial began last summer.

But the trial’s listing in the database is cagey about the dosages Moderna is testing, calling them simply dose number 1, 2 and 3.


As of Wednesday, nine states—Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Michigan, Idaho, North Carolina, South Dakota, Ohio, and Colorado—had been found to have 67 dairy cow herds infected with H5N1.

Dairy animals are connected to the current outbreak. There have only been two human cases of H5N1. The first occurred with a dairy worker in Texas in April, and the second occurred last week from a dairy farm in Michigan. Both have now recovered from minor illnesses.

The Federal Government and Pfizer are in discussions over an mRNA vaccine that targets H5N1, according to FT.

If the number of cases involving humans rises, we believe the authorities will take the outbreak more seriously.

Naturally, they plan to contact Moderna and Pfizer in the event of a future or possible “pandemic,” exactly as they did with COVID-19.

We doubt the government will witness the same widespread vaccination compliance this time around, though, unless people are passing away in the street, given the growing mistrust between the public and the government.

Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that bird flu cases in the US and Australia have sparked a surge in vaccine stocks. The discoveries, which include a mild case in Michigan and Australia’s first, have raised concerns about potential human-to-human transmission and the necessity for further research.

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