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The European Space Agency successfully conducted the first-ever video livestream from Mars, and the feed reached Earth in 17 minutes. In what could be the future, the European Space Agency successfully conducted the first-ever...
The first-ever livestream from Mars by the European Space Agency was interrupted by rain in Spain. A European spacecraft around Mars sent its first livestream from the red planet to Earth on Friday to...
Data from China’s Zhurong rover points to the possibility that Mars could have been a watery world 400,000 years ago, as the rover finds signs of water activity.
The photos taken by Curiosity's mast camera and ChemCam have led to speculation about whether the strange structures captured in the images could be the skeletal remains of a prehistoric fish-like animal on Mars.
A series of topography maps that was just published offers new proof that Mars formerly had a northern ocean. The evidence of ancient ocean found on Mars, indicate that the planet may have once been hospitable.
A new article published in the journal Science Advances reveals a small device called MOXIE, which is currently on Mars and is generating as much oxygen as a small tree.
NASA wants to build a very special lab to prevent Martian plague. Although. when communicating, the facility's developers will need to take the public interest into account in addition to research.
A new study sponsored by the University of California is questioning existing theories on Mars' origins after discovering a new finding in a 200-year-old chassingy meteorite.
Several scientists previously concluded that the Red Planet's atmosphere had dried out as a result of the loss of carbon dioxide, which served to keep it warm. Lately, more questions have been raised regarding this topic. So, why did mars dry out?
NASA scientists have detected the biggest extraterrestrial earthquake ever on Mars with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale.