How Russia Is Building A Shadow Fleet To Bypass LNG Sanctions 1

How Russia Is Building A Shadow Fleet To Bypass LNG Sanctions

Russia is secretly amassing a “dark fleet” of tankers to ship its LNG, mirroring the shadow fleet it created for oil exports to dodge Western sanctions. Bloomberg reveals that obscure shipping firms from Dubai have acquired several LNG vessels, with some already approved to navigate Russia’s Arctic routes. This stealthy

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Why China Just Pulled The Plug On Russia's LNG Dreams 1

Why China Just Pulled The Plug On Russia’s LNG Dreams

China’s Wison New Energies recently announced a sudden halt to their Russian projects, citing strategic concerns for their company’s future. This decision, made in response to US sanctions on Russia’s LNG industry, includes backing out of constructing crucial modules for Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 project. This project is pivotal for

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Russia To Launch Year-Round LNG Shipments Via Arctic

Russia will begin year-round LNG shipments via the Arctic route of the NSR, a transit route spanning the entire length of Russia’s Far East and Arctic territories within its exclusive economic zone. Sergey Zybko, the head of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) operator, revealed this week that Moscow intends to

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Germany Signs Long-Term U.S. LNG Deal To Replace Russian Gas

Sefe’s CEO, Egbert Laege, announced that Germany has signed a long-term deal with the U.S. to replace Russian gas with LNG from Venture Global LNG. Germany’s state-controlled firm Securing Energy for Europe (Sefe) has signed a 20-year deal with Venture Global LNG to import 2.25 million tons of LNG per year from

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