Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tag: Jeff Bezos

John Greenewald Jr., the owner of The Black Vault, mentioned in a tweet that Jeff Bezos' grandfather was a co-founder of DARPA, raising questions about DARPA's role in creating Amazon.
Indian Creek in Florida has earned the moniker 'Billionaire Bunkers Island' due to its seclusion and the presence of a private security team. Even wealthy people can no longer...
To protect his $138 billion fortune, Jeff Bezos wants to be extra cautious and will sign a prenuptial agreement with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos is all set to get married...
Tom Leonard reveals the dark side of the 20-year feud between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos as Bezos wins a $3.4 billion contract to compete against Musk in putting man back on the moon, raising the question:...
The median net worth of the top 10 billionaires increased by almost triple during the course of a decade, from $39 billion to $115 billion. These are the world's richest billionaires over the past 10 years.
'I was forced to climb out a laundry room window to use bathroom' - Ex housekeeper is suing Jeff Bezos. She and other housekeepers allegedly spent a large portion of their day unable to use the restroom due to the absence of easily accessible toilets.
According to Kurt House, CEO of KoBold Metals, the reason billionaires like Bezos and Gates are funding a treasure hunt in Greenland is to identify important minerals that can be used to power millions of electric vehicles.
The five paying visitors on Blue Origin's latest journey paid $28 million each, yet the visits lasted only minutes. Here are some photos of the hotel in space that Jeff Bezos is building called Orbital Reef.
The world's top ten wealthiest individuals now own $1.3 trillion in assets. The list described below shows who the richest people in the world are in the year 2022 and how much they have grown.
Reliance began stealth seizure of Future stores on Feb. 25. Much of Future management was in the dark about the takeover according to sources. Reliance wants to rebrand the stores and keep Future employees on  as per sources. After the takeover of stores, Amazon and Future would commence talks.