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Haaretz newspaper revealed that the Mossad agent who drowned in Italy was on an 'anti-Iran mission' The Israeli Mossad agent who died in a boat capsizing in northern Italy’s Lake Maggiore last Sunday was there as...
The reason why the Venetian Canal water turned emerald green was discovered by environmental authorities after conducting tests. They found that the color was the result of Fluorescein, a non-toxic substance first invented by NASA.
Luca Zaia, the head of the Veneto region, has revealed that an investigation has been launched after Venice's Grand Canal turned bright green. Residents of Venice, Italy woke up to a mysterious bright green patch...
Adolfo Urso, the minister for enterprise in Italy, presided over a meeting in Rome where a commission consisting of lawmakers, pasta producers, and consumer rights groups gathered to address the pasta inflation crisis in the city.
According to intelligence seen by MaltaToday, criminal groups are smuggling Bangladeshis and Africans into Italy, charging migrants €1,500 each for the transfer between Damascus in Syria and Benghazi in Libya. Flights operated by Syrian airline Cham Wings are used for this purpose.
Daniela Grillone, a doctor for the Giorgi family, claimed in an interview with Italian media that the Italian tennis star Camila Giorgi used a fake vaccine certificate to play in the Australian Open.
Before the Roman Empire rose, a number of civilizations called the Italian peninsula home, including the Etruscan civilization. Now, a new discovery in Italy could rewrite history.
Never before seen ancient artifacts which were trafficked from Italy have been brought back to The Museum of Rescued Art, which is a new museum created solely for the purpose of exhibiting stolen artifacts.
Ukraine generates 15% of worldwide corn exports, half of global sunflower oil exports, and roughly 10% of global wheat exports, rendering it a key link in the global food chain. Considering the situation, there was no exaggeration when Italy said that there's a world war going on for bread.
The court decision came following an appeal by a trainee nurse in his third year of nursing school who was refused entry to the University of Palermo. The monumental decision was issued by the Italian court who ruled that COVID vaccine mandates were unconstitutional after citing ‘fatal side effects.’