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Before the Roman Empire rose, a number of civilizations called the Italian peninsula home, including the Etruscan civilization. Now, a new discovery in Italy could rewrite history.
Never before seen ancient artifacts which were trafficked from Italy have been brought back to The Museum of Rescued Art, which is a new museum created solely for the purpose of exhibiting stolen artifacts.
Ukraine generates 15% of worldwide corn exports, half of global sunflower oil exports, and roughly 10% of global wheat exports, rendering it a key link in the global food chain. Considering the situation, there was no exaggeration when Italy said that there's a world war going on for bread.
The court decision came following an appeal by a trainee nurse in his third year of nursing school who was refused entry to the University of Palermo. The monumental decision was issued by the Italian court who ruled that COVID vaccine mandates were unconstitutional after citing ‘fatal side effects.’
In Snake Oil, I detail the evidence that the Chinese Communist Party used multiple modes of influence including online propaganda, mainstream media, and fraudulent “science” to popularize lockdown policies that were unprecedented in the western world. But for many, one big question remains: Yes, this may all be true, but what about Italy?
Social credit apps, if poorly developed or used, can lead to serious limitations on, and violations of, citizens’ rights and freedoms, as well as discriminatory practices. Nevertheless, Italy has created a new social credit app to reward citizens for virtuous behavior.
Moscow had launched an offensive on Ukraine. But the special operation might just be drawing to a close as Italy has revealed that they were chosen as a guarantor in peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.
Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, says he was branded a “terrorist” by the media in Italy and warns that physicians who speak out are being “hunted via medical boards and the press.”
Rachele Mussolini, the 47-year-old granddaughter of Italy's Benito Mussolini, has garnered enough votes in Rome's municipal election for a second term as a city councilor.
Following the Portuguese, German and Dutch rulings, now the Austrian court has ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for COVID-19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.