Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tag: Inflation

According to Statista's Consumer Insights survey, what Americans are most worried about is inflation or cost of living and crime. The most significant issues facing American adults at the...
Some people attribute the record corporate profits to driving inflation, while others cast doubt on that theory since they believe it is unlikely that a significant change in corporate concentration occurred during the pandemic over the course of just a few years.
It’s been a rough year for advocates of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). After nearly two years with all the budget deficits and money printing MMTers could have wanted, the doctrine’s popularity seems to have faded now that we’re well passed the honeymoon phase. 2022 has clearly demonstrated that creating a lot of new money and running massive government deficits does, in fact, come at a cost. We should let this theory die before it causes any more destruction.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wondered aloud how Republicans could vote against Mother Earth. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin possibly wondered how Republicans could vote against his so-called "Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)." In reality, Pelosi was closer to describing the contents of the IRA than was Manchin.
The Inflation Reduction Act provides hundreds of billions of dollars to combat global warming. Some climate activists describe it as "transformative." Here are the winners and losers in the 'Inflation Reduction Act.'
According to new reports, Sergio Massa has promised that Argentina will stop printing money amid the current 60% inflation, which was caused by the Fernández administration's reliance on money printing to pay off the nation's escalating fiscal debt.
The recent GDP report has revealed that the US economy is slipping into a recession as inflation weighs on growth, but according to Morgan Stanley, this year's third quarter will see better growth.
Cost of living has been a major concern for many people worldwide due to rising inflation and higher pricing for consumer items. Let's take a look at the comparisons in the cost of living around various parts of the world.
With increased access to money due to monetary inflation, companies and consumers may raise demand and drive up inflation across the board. As such a gloomy future loom over us, let's take a look at the 3 different types of inflation.
Joe Biden was a reform-minded senator in the 1970s. However, Biden did a 180-degree turn and became a Marxist, mirroring the Democratic Party's and the White House's leftward shift.