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According to the United Nations, over 15.5 million of the rejected vaccines were destroyed. Now, nine million more COVID vaccines in Indonesia are set to be destroyed after expiring as vaccination rates decline.
As a result of Russia's investigation of US biological research in Ukraine, similar US operations in other regions of the world are now being scrutinized more closely. Reports regarding the Pentagon conducting illegal biological research in Indonesia despite biolabs ban have resurfaced.
Antibodies to Covid-19 were found in 99.2 percent of 2,100 inhabitants in Java, Indonesia's most populated island, according to a March research.
A pair of Indonesian fishermen have been fined NT$100,000 (US$3,610) each by Taiwanese health authorities for leaving their quarantine hotel rooms for just over a minute.
British spies played a part in the mass murder of of Indonesians in the 1960s, urging locals, including army generals, to “cut out” the “communist cancer,” declassified papers have revealed.
CBI has filed FIR against Pawan Hans Ltd Officials for fraudulent payment to Indonesian Bank account in the Pawan Hans - Klimov scam. Investigation by Russian law enforcement agencies had found that the said bank account in the Indonesian...
One basic way to expand our efficacy is through modern science and technology. But another is through integrated (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) growth and enhanced wisdom. This means growing in our sense of connection with nature and one...