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Did Russia Test Hypersonic Missile Off California Coast 1

Did Russia Test Hypersonic Missile Off California Coast

Two US defense officials have confirmed that the claim of Russia testing a hypersonic missile off the California coast is false and merely propaganda. A lot of people on X have been speculating that there may have been a Russian Navy hypersonic missile test off the coast of Southern California,

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Iran Joins Tiny Club Of Nations With Hypersonic Missiles

Iran has joined the tiny club of nations with hypersonic missiles after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi unveiled the new Iranian-made ‘Fattah’ (literally, ‘Conqueror’) hypersonic missile in Tehran. Iran on Tuesday claimed it has joined the club of those very few nations which have hypersonic weapons in their arsenal. Currently, it’s believed only

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24 Chinese Hypersonic Missiles Will Sink Top U.S. Aircraft Carrier

A paper released in the Chinese-language Journal of Test and Measurement Technology claimed that 24 Chinese hypersonic missiles will sink a top U.S. aircraft carrier. Hypersonic weapons could be “catastrophic” for the most potent aircraft carrier group in the US fleet, according to war game simulations run by a team of

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