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Saudi Arabia has announced the discovery of huge gold and copper deposits in Medina. The latest discoveries are now anticipated to draw domestic and foreign investors, which will subsequently help the Kingdom's economy grow.
African countries emerged as “independent” nation-states in a context of a debt-based fiat money system, the fiat dollar standard. Independent is in quotation marks because Africa’s countries’ independence is nominal. That is said with due respect and gratitude to all brave men and women who fought, bled, and died to end (direct) colonialism. Still, Africa remains under indirect colonization. One of the most crippling, and certainly the most shackling, forms of subjugation Africa is under is monetary colonialism.
UK has refused to give Venezuela $1 billion of its own gold. President Nicolas Maduro's attempt to recover his own country's assets was rejected by the top court in Britain.
The Central Bank of Zimbabwe stated on Monday that it would soon begin issuing gold coins in an effort to reduce inflation, which hit 191 percent in June. The Harare government thinks that this will decrease demand for US dollars and at the very least slow down the further depreciation of the local currency.
The world's ten largest gold mines are found in nine countries, and below is a list of them and how much they produce.
Every national financial system's sovereignty requires that its methods of payment have inherent worth and price consistency, and are not dependent to the dollar. With this objective in mind, Russia is now all set to implement the gold standard for ruble.
Even though it's still too premature to predict how the US dollar will fare during this economic shift, it is almost certain that it will emerge weaker and less dominant than before. This comes as a result of the gold backed ruble which is the new paradigm shift for the global economy.
A process which has been described as significantly less complicated than using other regeneration ways involves the usage of gold nanoparticles. Scientists even claim that these gold nanoparticles could be used to treat heart diseases.
The present volume and liquidity of the Bitcoin market raises doubts about whether the peer-to-peer currency can be extensively employed in global trade at this time. Nevertheless, Russia has chosen to accept Bitcoin and gold for natural gas.
Did the FBI steal 9 tons of Civil War gold? This question has already featured in many a Travel Channel shows. But is there any truth to it? What actually happened?