Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: Florida

On May 30, 2024, the Justice Department exposed a secret Chinese plot at the University of Florida involving researcher Pen Yu and student Leticia Zheng smuggling dangerous bio-toxins to China.
Florida doctor Dr. Joseph Ladapo, citing a study that identified a high concentration of DNA molecules in mRNA vaccines, claimed that the COVID vaccine causes cancer. Citing worries about...
According to three former senior American officials, Putin sought to kill a double agent in Florida through a clandestine operation. As President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has pursued...
Chinese citizens, represented by the Florida branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), are suing Florida over a new law that prohibits people from China and other "countries of concern" from owning land.
The Stop Woke Act is presently being contested in court, but DeSantis is optimistic it will be upheld. Florida’s Gov. DeSantis is declaring financial war on the ‘woke’ universities in state.
DeSantis declared that a committee on public health integrity would be created earlier in December. Now, Florida grand jury has been impaneled to investigate mRNA vaccine manufacturers.
It is becoming excessively clear that the state's fire departments are ill-prepared to deal with lithium battery fires. This was realized after flooded electric vehicles spontaneously caught fire in Florida after hurricane.
Aerial photos reveal the utter wreckage of Fort Myers from Hurricane Ian, which pulled the city's renowned pier off its hinges. Here are the before and after photos of hurricane Ian which destroyed Fort Myers in Florida.
A lack of lab monkeys has developed in China as a result of the import prohibition and a significant increase in the creation of new drugs, which are tested on non-human primates before being used in clinical trials on human patients. Now, a Chinese company has bought 1400 acres in Florida for a primate quarantine facility.
The Biden administration is being sued over records on withholding COVID-19 treatment from Florida.