Florida Grand Jury Impaneled To Investigate mRNA Vaccine Manufacturers

DeSantis declared that a committee on public health integrity would be created earlier in December. Now, Florida grand jury has been impaneled to investigate mRNA vaccine manufacturers.

Florida Grand Jury Impaneled To Investigate mRNA Vaccine Manufacturers

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plea to convene a state-wide grand jury to look into producers of mRNA vaccines was approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

DeSantis declared earlier in December that he would ask a grand jury to look into “any and all wrongdoing” involving COVID-19 vaccine producers in Florida.

“It is against the law to mislead and to misrepresent, particularly when you’re talking about the efficacy of a drug,” DeSantis said.

The statewide grand jury will have the authority to investigate organizations involved in the design, production, clinical testing, marketing, and distribution of vaccinations that are claimed to prevent COVID-19 infection, symptoms, and transmission. It will be impaneled for one year.

According to DeSantis’ petition (read below), there was widespread assumption that the COVID-19 vaccine prevented illness spread, leading to vaccine mandates for civilians, health care personnel, and military members.

“It is impossible to imagine that so many influential individuals came to this view on their own. Rather, it is likely that individuals and companies with an incentive to do so created these perceptions for financial gain,” the petition said.

The petition explicitly mentions Moderna and Pfizer’s claims of “94.1% efficacy” and “91.3% vaccine efficacy” in avoiding COVID-19 disease.

DeSantis also declared that a committee on public health integrity would be created earlier in December. The board will offer public guidance and future public health establishment oversight.

In an earlier statement, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo criticized the mRNA COVID-19 immunizations, claiming that autopsy-based clinical data in a cardiology study showed they were “far less safe” than other vaccines.

Wide disparities in excess mortality estimates show not only how challenging the calculations are, but also how far we still have to go in accurately tracking deaths. We will never know how many people died of COVID.

In response to a reported 84% rise in the relative incidence of heart-related mortality, Lapado released updated mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recommendations in October, advising against the vaccination of males between the ages of 18 and 39.

In addition, Ladapo discussed the dangers of immunizing “healthy children with no underlying conditions.” On Twitter, the surgeon general questioned the CDC.

Read the document below:

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  1. The immunity congress granted the drug companies, and those giving the shots, does not protect from punitive damage claims for falsification of trial data, and deliberately introducing a product not fit for human consumption and/or unfit for its intended use. Lawsuits against Pfizer, Moderna, and others will likely seek trillions of $ for the deaths and injuries caused, as the drug companies knew the dangers, but lied and covered them up.

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