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Climate Minister Anna Moskwa has announced that Poland intends to challenge EU climate laws before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Climate Minister Anna Moskwa suggested that Poland could appeal against...
The WHO and EU announce a global system of vaccine passports for 'future pandemics,' which will be the first building block of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network. The World Health Organization (WHO)...
EU Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said that Europe wants a label as it fights disinformation to determine if it is real or made by AI. The European Union is pushing online platforms like...
According to an investigation by BLOOM, the European Union is driving the tuna population in the Indian Ocean towards collapse. In recent years, negotiations have been taking place around saving the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna.
Data from Electricity Maps and the IEA has been used to map Europe's biggest sources of electricity by country.
Exploring the ice moons of Jupiter will be one of Europe's most ambitious space missions ever. Europe's mission to Jupiter's icy moons is now ready for launch.
According to a study by Holidu using information from World Weather Online, upwards of 50% of the sunniest cities in Europe are located in Spain. Here's the list of sunniest cities in Europe.
The EU's Markets in Crypto-Asset Rule (MiCA) regulation of the European Commission is one of the many attacks against bitcoin.
The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism's details, which are the world’s largest carbon border tax, were announced by the EU, but it still needs formal approval from the European Council and Parliament.
A letter was sent by the Pfizer CEO on December 2 saying that he refuses to testify before the EU COVID Panel as he has no further information to share with the Committee.