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According to Bloomberg, China and India are buying Russian crude at a 40% discount, and Moscow may be losing $4 billion in energy earnings every month as a result of its war in Ukraine.
Due to the decline in Russian imports, the European Union is currently experiencing an energy crisis. The developing world may fall into energy poverty due to Europe’s increasing demand.
A lawyer in a suit is seen in a Telegram video bringing a violin case into the empty room and setting it down on a table. Russia's Wagner Group essentially sends a bloodied sledgehammer to the EU.
Gareth Icke, the son of David Icke, recently tweeted that his father has been banned and has been designated as a level three terrorist in the entire EU.
The European energy crisis might be good, claims Bill Gates. According to the billionaire, countries would turn to renewable energy as a result of gas shortages and exorbitant prices.
Just what is the scope of the European dilemma and how did it come to be? What we're witnessing now is the battle of narratives to win the spirits and the souls of people.
EU has opened probe into the vaccine deals. The case is one of "extremely high public interest," according to the prosecution.
Anthony Fauci stated in a May 2021 interview that individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine are "dead ends" for the virus, implying they cannot spread it. Now, a bombshell report has disclosed that Pfizer admitted that the COVID vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission before release in European parliament.
The Belgian tabloid De Morgen published a copy of the document detailing where the US nuclear bombs are stored in Europe.
The state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn said that days after the Nord Stream pipeline attack, the German rail network was sabotaged, resulting in all long-distance trains coming to a total standstill in northern Germany.