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A new study co-authored by Jiuhua Chen finds Earth's molten iron core may be rusting and may cause a layer to have formed that exhibits unique seismic signatures.
Even with humanity's ability to reach out into far space and distant galaxies, scientists are still confused about what lies beneath the surface of our own planet. It leads one to wonder just what is the mystery of the continent sized blobs within the Earth's core.
A recent research proposes a unique explanation for the permafrost-locked water discovered on the lunar surface: what if it was grabbed from Earth's upper atmosphere? Three thousand cubic kilometers of water have gone from the Earth to the moon.
For decades, researchers have speculated that life may have originated on Earth near ocean vents. But this new discovery could dramatically rewrite the history of life on Earth.
The meteor attracted the interest because of its velocity, which surpassed 130,000 miles per hour. This combined with data from the US space command suggests that an interstellar object reached Earth years ago.
French scientists have determined more that 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust particles reach earth every year. It comes from asteroids or comets. These extraterrestrial particles have been collected from a Franco-Italian Antarctic station.
According to data from space observatory Gaia, the closest star cluster to Earth is being shattered by the phenomenal gravity of an unseen massive object. Gaia is operated by the European Space Agency (ESA).