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According to Forbes, 16 Psyche is a rare asteroid that contains a rich deposit of precious metals, which may make everyone on this Earth a billionaire.
According to the findings of an Ipsos poll done in 36 nations in late 2022, 43% of Indians believe aliens will visit Earth in 2023.
According to a study published on Monday in Nature Geoscience, the Earth's core may be reversing direction on a regular cycle.
Make Sunsets, Luke Iseman's startup that has at least $500,000 in venture money, has been conducting geoengineering experiments to cool the earth.
Our Earth was visited by a rare space traveler that came from edge of Solar System. The fireball had mysteries that would likely revolutionize our knowledge of our Solar System's formation.
Dr. Richard Brown of the UK's National Physical Laboratory recommended new prefixes, which were motivated by the demands of the tech sector. As a result, the new weight of Earth has been revealed.
Scientists have discovered a massive "ocean" near Earth's core. The investigation proved a theory, which was that ocean water accompanied subducting slabs and entered the transition zone.
Scientists used surveys from NASA's TESS satellite observatory to accomplish a monumental result. They have discovered an 'ocean planet' completely covered by a thick layer of water 100 light-years from Earth.
According to a study accepted for publication in the Royal Astronomical Journal, the Sun will eat Mercury, Venus, and Earth after it turns into a red giant as its fuel runs out.
As Russia prepares to leave the International Space Station, a new space station is being developed to make sure "the country is not left without a space station." The New Russian Space Station will also help to monitor the Earth's 'health,' says a design team member.