Another Moon Found Orbiting Earth

Asteroid 2023 FW13 is another quasi-moon that has been found orbiting Earth and has been revolving around Earth since 100 BC.

Astronomers recently discovered Asteroid 2023 FW13. This asteroid has amazed asteroid watchers because of its riveting properties. It is only about the size of a 5-storey building and it is not gravitationally bound to earth in any manner. However, it has been dubbed as
being the second moon of Earth! Apart from second moon, the asteroid is also called Quasi moon or fake moon. This is because of its bizarre movements around the Earth.

Notably, Earth has had many quasi-moons, but they failed to be so designated in the past. However, Asteroid 2023 FW13 seems to be special. Research proves that this asteroid has been revolving around earth since 100BC and is expected to remain the same to at least by
3700, The Weather Channel reports. It is found to be the most stable quasi- satellite till date.

Data from China’s Zhurong rover points to the possibility that Mars could have been a watery world 400,000 years ago, as the rover finds signs of water activity.

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  1. If this asteroid “is not gravitationally bound to earth in any manner”, then how is it “revolving around earth”? My knowledge of astronomy isn’t worth a good cup of coffee, but there’s something STRANGE about this story!

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