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A giant UAV named Wing Loong-2H has been launched by China to combat record drought by cloud-seeding, which means releasing silver iodide flame bars to produce artificial rain.
Iran has escalated its UAV program in recent years, focusing on weaponizing drones to augment the regime’s other capabilities and proxy forces. Meanwhile, a top Iranian drone engineer was assassinated under unclear circumstances.
Rick Smith, CEO and creator of Axon, said taser-equipped drones in schools are part of a long-term plan to stop mass shootings.
Iran offered everyone a glimpse into their military might. But their show of force occurred at a time when tensions between Iran and the governments of Israel and the United States are soaring. Nonetheless, here we take a look inside Iran's secret underground drone base.
This footage is truly terrifying when you consider the prospect that should scientists transfer the technology to Beijing, or perhaps even the military, they may utilize the superior drone technology to target humans. Watch as the autonomous Chinese drone swarm flies through forest while hunting for humans.