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According to an unnamed US defense officer who spoke to AP, drone attacks target Israeli ships in the Indian Ocean. On November 25, what Washington described as an Iranian...
The National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that Iran and Putin are planning to build a military drone factory inside Russia. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby speaks during the daily briefing...
Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin stated that a major drone attack on Moscow damaged several apartment buildings, but there have been no reports of fatalities. A major Tuesday morning drone attack has damaged buildings in...
According to a report by Reuters, a team of scientists in New Mexico is using dead birds to develop drones that can study flight techniques that may assist the aviation industry.
The LW-30 laser defence system, a vehicle-mounted "drone killer" created by China Space Sanjiang Group is the Chinese's strategy to shoot down US drones in a cost-effective way.
Natalie Banke, an Amazon Air spokesperson, confirmed that Amazon has begun drone deliveries in two U.S. cities and calls it Prime Air.
The Age of Drones

The Age of Drones

While researching my piece, The Truth about Luciferase, I came across a patent that blew my mind and I absolutely had to write about it.
A giant UAV named Wing Loong-2H has been launched by China to combat record drought by cloud-seeding, which means releasing silver iodide flame bars to produce artificial rain.
Iran has escalated its UAV program in recent years, focusing on weaponizing drones to augment the regime’s other capabilities and proxy forces. Meanwhile, a top Iranian drone engineer was assassinated under unclear circumstances.
Rick Smith, CEO and creator of Axon, said taser-equipped drones in schools are part of a long-term plan to stop mass shootings.