Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tag: DOD

A "groundbreaking lawsuit" has been filed over a vaccine death based on the report of a death investigation from the Bradford County Coroner's Office. The report states that the "primary cause" of death was "COVID-19 vaccine-related myocarditis.
According to Just the News and professor Richard H. Ebright of Rutgers, Wuhan collaborator EcoHealth Alliance received a new $3 million grant from the Department of Defense.
According to three U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) whistleblowers, there have been disturbing spikes in incidences of cancer, myocarditis, and miscarriages after the distribution of experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, based on hidden government statistics.
According to a report, the US Department of Defense financed COVID pill Molnupiravir is being sold by Merck at 40 times the actual cost price.
Did anyone of India’s theoretical physicists provide any input at all on the quantum entanglement theory and its role in both cracking the current Cryptographic Keys and in providing an in-theory-un-crackable key to the Aadhaar Project Managers? A Mathematical algorithm...