Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tag: Disinformation

There are multiple groups and agencies already focused on countering disinformation, but the question remains whether they are effective and efficient or a waste of taxpayer dollars. Some argue that it is time to get rid of...
EU Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said that Europe wants a label as it fights disinformation to determine if it is real or made by AI. The European Union is pushing online platforms like...
The study, which examines how Team Jorge, an Israeli firm involved in destabilizing democracies, is operating in India and the rest of the world, is part of a larger investigation into the fake news industry and has been organized by Forbidden Stories.
Documents and emails that were stolen have revealed how Xandr used a secret blacklist used to defund alternative news by targeting unpopular speech and blocking conservative websites.
According to Melissa Fleming, chief of global communications for the UN, the organization recruited over 100,000 digital first responders to push the establishment COVID narrative and to combat so called "misinformation."
The CEO of search engine DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg has said that they want to penalize sites which are associated with Russian disinformation.