What Americans Are Most Worried About 1

What Americans Are Most Worried About

According to Statista’s Consumer Insights survey, what Americans are most worried about is inflation or cost of living and crime. The most significant issues facing American adults at the moment and how those priorities have changed over time are being monitored by Statista’s Consumer Insights survey. The following graphic, courtesy

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California Creates First Retail Theft Committee

The California Assembly has officially created the first retail theft committee, called the Select Committee on Retail Theft, to address the problem of inconsistent reporting practices within the retail sector. Legislators said it is difficult to find ways to halt smash-and-grab robberies in California, even though recordings of the crimes

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rex heuermann

Rex Heuermann – The Gilgo Beach Murders

On Friday, a murder charge was brought against a Long Island architect in connection with the Gilgo Beach murders, a series of killings that have remained unsolved for a long time. Detectives, following a new lead, claim to have matched DNA from a pizza that the suspect, Rex Heuermann, consumed

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