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The order of 500,000 smallpox vaccines placed by Canada just weeks before the monkeypox outbreak began, despite the disease being declared eradicated in 1972, has forced many people to doubt the mainstream narrative.
For decades, researchers have speculated that life may have originated on Earth near ocean vents. But this new discovery could dramatically rewrite the history of life on Earth.
Although the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have rejected supplying instruction to members of Ukraine's fascist militias on numerous occasions, a few images have surfaced casting doubt on this prospect. This begs the question, did Canada train Ukraine neo nazis?
Yes, this happened. But I want no job from these people for what they did with the vaccine is horrendous. No doubt the inference is that I would not call out Bourla again. Of course. Of course no one would put this in writing but of course this ask about a job was to limit me. Of course if I worked for Pfizer I would be muted complete from that moment on. Its how it works in any organization, you work for them, you advance their narrative and vision and mandate. Not yours. We all know this.
After heated talks about banning Russian oil imports between US and it's allies Canada has proposed that it's oil could help the US replace the imports of Russian crude oil if the Keystone XL Pipeline is approved.
While several COVID-19 vaccinations have been distributed all around the globe, global health officials are seeking for more candidates in the hopes of expanding the global supply. The latest addition to the vaccine line is Canada's plant based COVID vaccine.
Experts have harshly attacked all the so-called public health interventions, not only vaccines, as more data becomes available. Among these is a criticism by a Canadian doctor who condemns COVID vaccines as murder shots.
COVID-19 mortality in Canada are now outnumbering those seen in earlier waves when there were no COVID-19 vaccinations on the market. However, actual statistics from the Government of Canada indicates that the 70% of the recent COVID deaths in Canada were fully vaccinated population which is responsible for the bulk of these additional deaths — 7 out of every 10 – demonstrating that Canada is experiencing a "Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated."
In the wake of public outcry over his mishandling of the Freedom Convoy rallies against Canada's COVID-19 vaccination mandates, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has resigned.
It has been evident that the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers and their supporters, which began marching in Ottawa weeks ago to demand an end to all pandemic-related rules and restrictions across the country, is not like most protest groups. And that's a frightening prospect for those in power who believed they could handle and exploit the issue according to their own time and schedule, regardless of the science or situation on the ground.