Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tag: Boris Johnson

According to a 17-page paper never made public, revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Boris Johnson sabotaged a Russia-Ukraine peace deal. The Wall Street claims to have obtained a...
It is obvious at this point that Ukraine's "path to NATO" appears to have been dropped as a prominent talking point among Ukrainian officials and in Brussels for the time being. This is how Boris Johnson has sabotaged the Ukraine-Russia peace deal in April.
A new article in the Telegraph says that Boris Johnson may become the next NATO chief and that Richard Drax and Mark Francois, two high-ranking Tories, have officially endorsed Johnson for the role.
Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister after the government collapses. BoJo will leave behind a country that is beset by political and economic uncertainty, shaken by scandal after scandal.
Boris Johnson desires a political union that includes not only the EU but also the former realm of the Roman Empire. This essentially renders Boris Johnson's dream as him wanting to recreate the entire roman empire.
Members of Johnson's ruling Conservative Party intend to call a confidence vote on Wednesday, which may result in Boris Johnson being toppled this week.
Boris Johnson has announced a pricey tech partnership with Bill Gates, saying the pairing will set off a “green industrial revolution” capable of meeting Britain’s climate commitments and covering costs London couldn’t pay itself.
According to reports UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has scrapped mandatory Covid vaccine passports.
Shashi Tharoor, a serving member of the Indian Parliament lately known for his anti-British position has ironically been recruited by the son of a Pakistani British spy in his firm CTD Advisors, heavily infested with former British intelligence chiefs...