UK Partners With Bill Gates For £400 Million Green Industrial Revolution

Boris Johnson has announced a pricey tech partnership with Bill Gates, saying the pairing will set off a “green industrial revolution” capable of meeting Britain’s climate commitments and covering costs London couldn’t pay itself.

UK Partners With Bill Gates For £400 Million Green Industrial Revolution

We will only achieve our ambitious climate goals if we rapidly scale up new technologies in areas like green hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels – technologies that seemed impossible just a few years ago,” the British PM gushed on Tuesday during a speech at a Global Investment Summit in London’s Science Museum ahead of the COP26 climate conference. 

Alongside billionaire philanthropist Gates, the PM outlined a plan to deploy £400 million in investments in new green technologies, heralding the Microsoft founder’s cash as the key element in a development program that would otherwise be commercially unfeasible and thus too expensive for the government to undertake alone.

The partnership with a Gates-led coterie of private investors called Breakthrough Energy Catalyst would help advance the UK’s technological position in carbon capture and storage, green hydrogen tech, long-term battery life, and zero-carbon aviation (“jet zero”), Johnson explained, adding that the program would also bring “high-quality jobs” to the UK.

Even, Reliance Industries Limited has announced that it is going to make a contribution of up to $50 million in Breakthrough Energy Ventures owned by Bill Gates and George Soros among others.

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London has already pledged at least £200 million to developing new green technologies, while Microsoft founder Gates promised on Tuesday to match 10 Downing’s commitment with another £200 million via Breakthrough.

The software tycoon had previously organized the group of investors to marshal large sums of money into ‘green’ projects. 

Promising to scale up environmentally friendly projects and “bring down that cost,” Gates predicted his assistance could “get these [new green energy projects] to the same place we are today with solar and onshore wind, and so they can be scaled up to reduce emissions.

Our partnership with the UK will accelerate the deployment of these critical climate solutions, helping to make them more affordable and accessible,” Gates added, explaining that to reach net zero, the cost of “clean technologies” had to be brought down to a point where it could compete with less-green types of energy currently in use.

Johnson made much of the well-heeled crowd soon to be his guests at climate conference COP26, which starts in Glasgow on October 31, noting that altogether, the 200 attendees had a whopping $24 trillion in assets under management.

We should be using this moment, collectively as governments, to leverage in the trillions of the market, creating the country platforms that will not only tackle climate change but deliver green jobs and green growth around the world.

After chiding his fellow governments for not embracing the private sector enough in the race to commercialize green tech, the PM dispensed with the pretext of addressing his guests’ human plus-ones entirely, speaking directly to the cash in their pockets. 

“I want to say to each and every one of those dollars, you are very welcome to the UK and you have come to the right place at the right time.”

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  1. Hell, I didn’t even bother to read the entire article. Gates investing $400 million into any new technology, just means he is expecting to Buy-In, or Buy-Up some new and emerging companies to reap the profits given to those companies through government taxpayer money funneling.

    When the hell is someone, … anyone, … going to frag this scumbag ???

  2. This is hopeless. It’s fighting fires with petrol. Climate change is made worse by capitalism, so employing capitalist principles to mitigate the increasingly-dire climate crises will do nothing to help.

  3. It’s increasingly clear that climate change is more about some very wealthy people forming a new commercial industry with themselves as the founding fathers so their legacy will be as flattering as possible. I think it’s also driven by privilege guilt and it can’t be resolved by outward manifestation. If Gates and Soros ego’s ever became “right-sized” , they would no longer interfere with the organic progression of humanity. They think they know better than the powers that got us here.

  4. A top billionaire corporate leader partnering with government. Don’t we have a term for that?

    “Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
    –Benito Mussolini

  5. ABBA FATHER has allowed Satan’s evil Cabal elites, wicked corporations, bribed and fearful politicians to put us in a situation where we will come to the final conclusion that there is no one to turn to but Him. There’s nothing to rely on but Him. There’s nothing to do without Him. And that’s just the reality. Every single person will arrive to this point sooner or later, hopefully, before they die…

  6. Oh my, … you are not only a covi-cronie, but also a global warmer too ?? How quaint.
    What ever will you do when you discover the planet is cooling ?
    Perhaps just sit back and allow your cranium to explode, … that would be best. lmao

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