Friday, June 14, 2024

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Indian Creek in Florida has earned the moniker 'Billionaire Bunkers Island' due to its seclusion and the presence of a private security team. Even wealthy people can no longer...

The Billionaires Of Gaza

The Tower cites the newspaper Al Monitor from that era, which stated that the tunnels in Gaza "gave birth to billionaires in Gaza. Table of ContentsPrivileges and perks for Haniyeh's offspringPersian Gulf real estate...
Jenny Odell, the artist who thinks time is ruining our lives, said that clock time is all about productivity, money, and economic growth, but it's really a fantasy.
Christopher Wareham, a bioethicist expert at Utrecht University who studies the ethics of aging, told The Financial Times that he was worried that elderly billionaires will become immortal and keep compounding wealth forever.