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Who Is Buying The $12 Billion Saudi Aramco Shares? 1

Who Is Buying The $12 Billion Saudi Aramco Shares?

Saudi Aramco’s $12 billion share sale last Sunday, selling 1.545 billion shares at 26.70-29 riyals each, saw immediate success, attracting keen interest from global investors. In a filing with the Saudi Exchange last week, Saudi Aramco (ARMCO), the country’s largest energy corporation, announced its intention to sell shares in the

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China Secretly Shipping Nuclear Arms To Pakistan

On February 12, 2020, GreatGameIndia issued an alert regarding a suspicious shipment off the western coast of India. The ship belonged to a Chinese shipping company blacklisted by the Americans last year and was destined to Pakistan. Further investigation revealed the seized shipment carried launching gear for missiles and that

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