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Biden's Secret Amazon Book Ban Exposed: Caught Suppressing Vaccine Criticism 1

Biden’s Secret Amazon Book Ban Exposed: Caught Suppressing Vaccine Criticism

Biden’s administration covertly pressured Amazon to suppress books critical of vaccines during the pandemic, as revealed by the House Judiciary Committee. Over forty titles, including medical professionals’ works, were sidelined under government pressure, sparking accusations of censorship. It has come to light that the Biden Administration exerted pressure on Amazon

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Did You Know Jeff Bezos' Grandfather Was A DARPA Co-Founder 1

Did You Know Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather Was A DARPA Co-Founder

John Greenewald Jr., the owner of The Black Vault, mentioned in a tweet that Jeff Bezos’ grandfather was a co-founder of DARPA, raising questions about DARPA’s role in creating Amazon. Unknown to most people, Lawrence Preston Gise, the grandfather of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, was involved in the creation of

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Is Amazon Messing With Tucker Carlson Book Sales

Is Amazon Messing With Tucker Carlson Book Sales?

The company All Seasons Press published the book ‘Tucker‘, written by Chadwick Moore. They will officially talk to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) because the book’s sales rankings seem to have gone down because of Amazon and Bookscan, a data company. News sources like The Guardian, Mediaite, and the pop-culture

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With Bows And Spears, Indigenous ‘warriors’ Defend The Amazon

Indigenous “warriors,” consisting of young men from the Amazon village of Sao Luis, patrol the Javari River while defending their territory using bows and spears. In a remote pocket of the Brazilian Amazon under siege from illegal fishermen, poachers, loggers and drug traffickers, Indigenous people have taken it upon themselves

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Google, Meta, Amazon Hire Low-Paid Foreign Workers After US Layoffs

According to investigative journalist Lee Fang, Google, Meta, and Amazon have been hiring low-paid foreign workers following layoffs in the United States. Some of the biggest companies in tech including Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce have hired foreign workers just weeks after reducing headcount by thousands of employees, according to

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