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'I was forced to climb out a laundry room window to use bathroom' - Ex housekeeper is suing Jeff Bezos. She and other housekeepers allegedly spent a large portion of their day unable to use the restroom due to the absence of easily accessible toilets.
Bengaluru-based bakery Happy Belly Bakes sued Amazon in court after discovering that the latter was offering a number of snacks under a similar moniker. This is how a small Bengaluru-based bakery took on Amazon and won.
According to new reports, the last member of his tribe, commonly called the Indigenous Man of the Hole, has been found dead in the Amazon by a Funai official.
As its healthcare services expand, Amazon poses an increasing danger to drugmakers, hospitals, doctors, and insurance. This is Amazon's plan to rewrite the rules of healthcare.
According to several articles, Amazon's purchase of iRobot could be to map the inside of your home to let marketers sell more junk because Amazon wants to know more about its customers.
In a polarized political environment where working across party lines is rare, legislative measures to break up Big Tech monopolies have received support from both ends of the aisle. This reaction is owed to recently-released classified documents that could help lawmakers break up Big Tech companies.
One Medical will be purchased by Amazon for $18 per share. The deal expands Amazon's foothold in the healthcare sector.
Phony reviews are a problem that both Amazon and Google have had to deal with in recent years. Now, Amazon is suing Facebook administrators over more than 10,000 groups used to coordinate fake product reviews.
Statistics obtained by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and recent court documents show that Amazon's chat app Wickr is the top destination for child sexual abuse and Wickr needs to do more in regards to identifying and taking steps to prevent child sexual abuse material being traded on their platform.
Scientists have discovered advanced ancient cities in the Amazon and it is the most compelling evidence yet that the Amazon's rainforest "wilderness" was densely populated and, in some parts, quite urbanized.