Incredible Rescue In Amazon Jungle, 4 Children Survived 40 Days Alone

Damaris Mucutuy, an aunt of the four children who survived 40 days in the Amazon Jungle alone, told a radio station that the children were fine and later had an incredible rescue after a military sniffer dog found them.

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Colombia’s first lady, Veronica Alcocer (left), and Sofia Petro (right), the daughter of President Gustavo Petro, visit one of the four children in hospital. Photograph: Prensa Presidencial/Colombian Presidency/AFP/Getty Images

The four young Colombian siblings who managed to survive for 40 days in the Amazon jungle after their plane crashed have been reunited with their family as further details emerged of their astonishing feat of endurance.

The children’s grandfather, Fidencio Valencia, who visited them in the Bogotá hospital where they are recuperating, said they were “shattered but in good hands and it’s great they’re alive”.

“We were in the darkness, but now dawn has broken and I have seen the light,” he said.

Damaris Mucutuy, an aunt, told a radio station the children were fine despite being dehydrated and having insect bites. She said they had also been offered mental health services.

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The children – aged 13, nine, four and 11 months – are member of the Huitoto people. They were travelling with their mother from the Amazonian village of Araracuara to San José del Guaviare when the plane crashed in the early hours of 1 May.

A military sniffer dog found them alive on Friday, after they had spent weeks in an area where snakes, mosquitoes and other animals abound.

Valencia said the siblings had survived by eating fariña, or cassava flour, and by using their knowledge of the rainforest’s fruits.

“When the plane crashed, they took fariña [from the wreckage], and with that they survived,” the children’s grandfather told reporters outside the hospital, where they are expected to remain for a minimum of two weeks.

Fidencio Valencia, the children’s grandfather, speaks to the press outside the hospital in Bogotá. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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